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Biochar with David Yarrow

about 15 biochar enthusiasts convened this past Sunday at David Yarrow's old farmhouse in East Greenbush for a exciting demo and enlightening slide show.
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Normanskill Farm Site Visit

July 24th, 2009 members of the Capital District Permaculture Guild met with Friends of Normanskill to take a visit of the old farm and to explore the potential of creating a Permaculture demonstration site. 

The now vacant tenant farmer building once housed 3 families.  

We startled a  flock of wild turkeys that were roosting  in a tree adjacent to the original turkey coop.

Milk, was just one of the many agriculture products of the farm. 

Albany Police Department uses the barn and pasture to house their equestrian & K9 unit. 

One of the first projects of Friends of Normanskill was to renovate the forge. It is now used for elementary education and by local blacksmiths.

An underutilized greenhouse.

Juglans nigra (black walnut) adjacent to the hay barn which is used mostly for equipment storage.

Customized milk delivery box.